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Land Transportation

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Land Transportation

Land Transportation Solutions: Intermodal Rail, Drayage, FTL & LTL Trucking Services, Animal / Pet.

Trust Fly Logistics provides reliable land transportation services throughout the United States, with cross-border intermodal rail services to Canada and Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia. We have cultivated a network of trusted service providers throughout the country. Motor carriers selected to work with Trust Fly Logistics must meet our stringent requirements, such as DOT compliance, FMCSA broker authority and licensing, TWIC compliance, hazmat certification, customs bonding and documentation, and on-time delivery performance. We also partner with the major Class 1 railroads throughout North America. Trust Fly Logistics and our transportation partners have earned their reputation for safety and reliability.






Tons of land freight annually

Rail transport

Do you have goods that need to be shipped quickly but cost-effectively between America, Canada, Europe and Asia? In that case Our Rail Solution is the right choice. We offer regular rail connections from Europe to China and from China to Europe for FCL and LCL shipments. We serve both the North Corridor (Trans-Siberian Route) and the South Corridor (New Silk Road).

Faster than sea freight, cheaper than airfreight Trust Fly Logistics Rail Transport is a safe, environmentally friendly, flexible and reliable transportation alternative.